Consumed into Oblivion

My friend Casey's new project is now available at bookletpress. It looks great, you should probably buy one. —Tim

from bookletpress:

Consumed Into Oblivion Chelsea Limbird & Casey Ramirez

日本語 / Consumed Into Oblivion is a correspondence between two lives across a country. By documenting sound and its description—by rationing emotion with ideas of space and representation—the authors translate one through the other. Time and distance are effectuated as medium for understanding an intimate distrust and an ambiguous commitment. 2 booklets; 92 pg total, ea. 10.8 x 16.5cm, enveloped (12 x 18.5cm) laser & risograph print, staple bound numbered edition of of 50 +3AP, 2012

日本語 / Three years ago, someone told Chelsea Limbird that people who live their lives deeply entrenched in reality have dreams based in fantasy, and that for those who live everyday in a dreamworld, conjure a reality in their sleep. East Harlem, NYC

Casey Ramirez values the vibration that occurs when contrasting colors are in close proximity to each other.San Francisco, CA