Everyday by Byron Wolfe

Photographer Byron Wolfe just released the digital version of his award winning book, "Everyday". This book has important significance to me, not only because he was my photography professor, but because the book is a great example of a well thought out and well executed photography project; Something much easier said than done. "Everyday," has been a great guide to me, when thinking about how to make an interesting photo. Absolutely go check it out, it's $3.99. β€”Tim

"To conclude, I've seen photographers do similiar projects as Byron, but rarely with as good results. He's personal, open to new ideas, and as creative and inventive as one can be every day. Add to that the fact that this diaristic body of work was finished almost 10 years ago, when digital was still in its cradle."

β€” via the Digital photobook. More photos and their complete review for "Everyday" here.