alanrules – Exposing Sandy

Wow, been awhile BIT BY ZEUS. I've missed you. I've been keeping busy with some incredible opportunities in design land, but have also been photographing a bunch as well. I will update about some of these happenings soon, but first, I want get back into posting by sharing a project by Alan (alanrules). Alan takes some great photos, and also has been having fun with projects (an excerpt). I've been enjoying watching his photo making and was excited to see his project, Exposing Sandy, come to life a few weeks ago. I watched live online, as Alan updated the location of a mobile photo show that moved around New York City in a rented U-Haul. A pop up photo show in a U-haul is already intriguing, but I was excited to see that a show that called attention to the damage of Hurricane Sandy, was complete with a water line and ravaged photographs. And what better way to get someone to pay attention than, boobs. (Click here for a detailed Alan on Alan interview and explanation)

Below are some photographs pulled from alans instagram along with some scanned prints that littered the floor of the U-Haul. I really love the look of these prints that were stepped on and covered in dirt. For additional photos visit —Tim

the man himself in front of his show.

MUX Issue #2

Got word from TJ Nelson, that the second Issue of MUX magazine is out! Unfortunately the first run already sold out, but the second run can be pre ordered here. Really good looking stuff, hats are off. "The idea for MUX came from a desire to connect to photography in a tangible manner. Because of pocket-sized digital cameras and smartphones, we are amongst an unstoppable flood of images on the internet. Which, in its own way, is wonderful, but I find it difficult to connect to images on a screen. I created MUX because I wanted to act as a curator to gather the talent of my peers, and then encourage people to take a minute to hold a collection of work that deserves to be pondered on."

MUX issue 02 04.2013. 8.5" x 5.5". 84 pages. Design by TJ Nelson. Photos by matt bublitz, grant hatfield, sam milianta, josh anthony, ephraim chui, spencer davis, charlie wray, trever hadley and brandon getty. $20.

grant hatfield

matt bublitz

brandon getty

spencer davis