Painted Palms

Not writing much about music ever, but felt compelled to share new music from SFs Painted Palms. I checked up on Butterfly Bones, a band that I enjoyed around SF, and found out that they have evolved into Painted Palms. Looks like they recently got some love from Kevin Barnes and just released a new EP out on Polyvinyl records. Their song "Click", which I dig a ton, is streaming at consequence of sound. Side note, if you ever visted me when I lived in SF, the EP album cover is a photo of my old back yard. It's a crazy small world. –Tim

Oakland Sun

October and November via cell phone.

martin sorrondeguy @ 1-2-3-4 go records

zines from Japan

mount eerie in West Oakland <3

Jel @ uptown

religious girls at Uptown. see video for Rock


island trips

cell phone reminder to push this roll

finally tried merritt bakery chicken at brunch. it WAS that good.

Rotten City

Very happy to get my hands on a copy of this SWAMPY & Victoria Howe zine. I like disappearing

had a photo hanging at MUA for Little Big Draw


photos by Tim Gatto

November shows

All these upcoming SF/Oakland shows came to my attention in the last few days. I will probably see you there. –Tim

Huff Stuff Magazine

1-2-3-4 go has shows now. They are cheap and good. and often.

My old bandmate, Trevor is now in Hounds and Harlots. FYI

and Ty segall is playing a free show! Go try and rsvp or find a ticket or something.

Halloween submission!

Send us photos of Halloween themed front yards.— Only two short weeks until everyone's favorite holiday, Halloween; the most sinister day of the year. And, everyone knows that during October, only the best and most ridiculous decorations are thrown onto peoples front yards. So, If you see a five foot spider or a skull collection in someones front yard, shoot it and then send it over. I'll be posting the best photos on all hallow's eve. This is your chance to take super scary photos dude. Film/digital/cellphone/whatever, send photos to Happy Halloween everyone. —Tim