PANACEA book release at MUA–photos

Thanks to everyone that came out last Friday to MUA Oakland for our PANACEA book release and photo show. Such a fun night. Sold some books, some photos, and had a great night out with friends. Also, a big thank you to everyone that participated in the book and show! It really came out great. Our box of books is getting slim, If you'd still like to pick one up, head to the zines section. —Tim

Thanks to our host, MUA, for inviting us to show photos and sell our book.





(not so) serious meet up before the show




Carson Gilliland



Cody Cobb


All of the photos hanging at MUA are for sale and will be up for another month, check them out if you're in town.





A great First Friday in Oakland. Here's to many more safe Oakland Art Murmurs.

top photo from

PANACEA Book Release @ MUA, OAKLAND FEB 1st 2013

Happy to announce the release of PANACEA, a collaborative photography book, published by BIT BY ZEUS and Ladder to the Stars. The book features photos from 37 photographers and will be released Feb 1st 2013 @ Mua Oakland. PANACEA is printed color offset, 8.5″ x 11″ and will be limited to 100 copies. In addition, there will also be photo show hanging at MUA, featuring the photographers from the book. It'll be first friday: Oakland Art Murmur; Check out the art downtown, come say hi, grab a drink (and a book) and check out the show.

—Over the last year, I've been working with Elias Carlson, who runs awesome blog, Ladder to the Stars. Early on, we found that exploring nature was a common thread in our photography. We discussed our need to get outside and take photos, and we decided to make a publication about it.

We knew that we wanted to publish a collaborative book featuring photographers that we both respected and that shared this common theme. We worked on the idea of the "need" to get outdoors and found a definition that we felt summed up this idea; "PANACEA" which is defined as "a solution or remedy for all difficulties or diseases." The ring to it was nice, but the definition really hit home for us, as it summed up the feeling that we both had: Exploring nature as a cure.


—Also, want to say thank you to anyone who visits, supports, or submits to BIT BY ZEUS. for real. Running this photo zine/blog is a blast; sharing good photos, putting out projects when we can, and meeting great photographers along the way. In the New Year, we plan on keeping this little photo community going. I want to continue to put up more found photography, try to blog (use words), document events and things in the area, and also focus on publishing my and other's work. That's all, hope to see you on the 1st, It's gonna be a great night out.—Tim

Oakland Sun

October and November via cell phone.

martin sorrondeguy @ 1-2-3-4 go records

zines from Japan

mount eerie in West Oakland <3

Jel @ uptown

religious girls at Uptown. see video for Rock


island trips

cell phone reminder to push this roll

finally tried merritt bakery chicken at brunch. it WAS that good.

Rotten City

Very happy to get my hands on a copy of this SWAMPY & Victoria Howe zine. I like disappearing

had a photo hanging at MUA for Little Big Draw


photos by Tim Gatto