I picked up a few zines last month. All of them are amazing and linked up below. I highly recommend spending the tiny amount of money needed to get these in your possession. DSCF2703_b Partner in Crime by Austin McManus. Really nice offset zine about vandalism stereotypes. Awesome stuff.



^A place dear to my heart



MUX issue 2 from Tj Nelson. Came out fantastic.




seriously sorry about this toe shot. DSCF2733_b

Never heard of it by Brad Westcott through Blood of the Young. Incredible Train traveling pics.




MUX Issue #2

Got word from TJ Nelson, that the second Issue of MUX magazine is out! Unfortunately the first run already sold out, but the second run can be pre ordered here. Really good looking stuff, hats are off. "The idea for MUX came from a desire to connect to photography in a tangible manner. Because of pocket-sized digital cameras and smartphones, we are amongst an unstoppable flood of images on the internet. Which, in its own way, is wonderful, but I find it difficult to connect to images on a screen. I created MUX because I wanted to act as a curator to gather the talent of my peers, and then encourage people to take a minute to hold a collection of work that deserves to be pondered on."

MUX issue 02 04.2013. 8.5" x 5.5". 84 pages. Design by TJ Nelson. Photos by matt bublitz, grant hatfield, sam milianta, josh anthony, ephraim chui, spencer davis, charlie wray, trever hadley and brandon getty. $20.

grant hatfield

matt bublitz

brandon getty

spencer davis