upside down crosses & triangles 11.15.11

Life in Oakland the last month or so. Trips to SF | Halloween | Art Murmur | OMCA | occupy | street dogs.

Headed to SF and tried to take a picture of everyone I saw on my bike ride. Guy at Rosemunde was not having it.

guy at Needles & Pens was interested in my camera and said sure.

guy #3

guy #4: Brian of BITBYZEUS fame!

then at some point towards the end of the month it was halloween and saw this president

Halloween was Comedy at the purple onion

to see our badass friend Becky Wolf

finally made it over to the Oakland Museum of Ca

Big Barry Mcgee installation when you walk in

Mark Klett & Byron Wolfe. My college photo teacher in a museum. very cool.

No photos of the Richard Misrach exhibit. but it was amazing, go see it. Huge scans.

afterwards we drank beers and looked at these hideous sights of oakland

east bay cars


checked out occupy oakland for a sec.

Just look at this unruly mob.

saw this fake banksy, with the word 'wolfy' above it.

chile jalepenos

headed to Art murmur downtown Oakland, first fridays on November 1st.

saw art?


so much 'art' I headed to Sf the same night to hang with these fools.

and eat street dogs

Sorry for the mega photo dump or if you really wanted to see photos with upside down crosses in them, I hear those are hard to find. —Tim

I received this interesting info about a building that I like to visit via flickr. Pretty cool if its true: "This is the Press Wireless Radio Building located in the Napa-Sonoma Marsh. It was owned by the United Press and the building was used to collect and route information coming from satellites. Its reportedly the first location in the United States to receive communication from space and alerted the world to the existence of Sputnik when they accidentally picked up communication from the spacecraft." Thanks, Chris Hattich. cuttings wharf building east view