Sketch Tuesday—June

Made it to another awesome sketch Tuesday at 111 minna gallery this month. Started things off right, by snagging this great Jay Howell piece.

Jay working on the piece I bought, I couldn't be happier with it.

great artwork from local preschoolers.

casey gray, new show coming to white walls.

Raquel's take away for the night was this guy from Annie Galvin.

Met this couple visiting SF from Perth, who are moving to Vancouver next week. Check out their magazine RELATIVE.

He was very happy to get a Mike Giant original while in town.

Jason Vivona, Jay Howell colab. Was awesome

bought this zine from Mildred, lots of detail

Ended the night talking to this guy in the red and Fabian Molina, the artist that drew him. Great night.

Drop off film, check Benny Gold and Jay Howell

Had to drop off some film downtown, and since I was down there I checked out the new Benny Gold flagship store and Jay Howell's solo show at A440 Gallery

I rode by the Benny Gold store on their opening day a couple weeks back and regretted not stopping in. Not knowing much about Benny Gold, I looked him up and found out he is graphic designer who turned his brand into an internationally known apparel company and now he's opened this store as his hub, with his design studio up stairs.

A lot of attention to detail in everything he makes, which is why I bought this awesome wallet, to replace the one below.upgrade.his dog was cool too.Then checked out Jay Howell's show, Alligator Fuck House

I like his work because it's fun

Across the hall I found a collection of photo's. The famous brown sisters by Nicholas Nixon. Bummed the whole series wasn't there.Idris Khan layered every "brown sister's" photo though.Always been a fan of Khan's work. Really nice seeing it huge.

I thought these photo's were cool too. Don't remember who shot them unfortunately.

Sketch Tuesday Photos

Photo's from April 20th Sketch Tuesday @Minna. I finally made it down to a sketch Tueday last night, and got to drink beer while I watched a bunch of talented artists sell quality work for killer bargain prices. Met a ton of nice people, walked away with some artwork and had fantastic time. pretty busy guy. Didn't walk away with a Jay Howell piece last night, but I hope to soon. Jay Howell portrait by Ferris Plock Really good prices.

Walked away proud owner of this deer by Justin Lovato and the Burger and a Hot Dog from Ferris Plock. Seriously one of the best nights I've had in SF.